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All-in-one car fleet management software solution to help you increase business efficiency.
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Shared mobility platformMovium is an easy to use solution for vehicle sharing that allows full control of your fleet. You can manage all operations from our dashboard via web and mobile, in a secure manner. It gives you flexibility to track and control all your vehicles anywhere, anytime.
Fleet management solutionMovium is a complete corporate mobility solution designed for real-time tracking. It is vehicle agnostic so it is a fit for all your vehicles: cars, pedal bikes or e-scooters.You have access to accurate data about your fleet: real time location, fuel level, speed, journey history, mileage, ignition status and many more.Google Maps overview of your assets is at the center of our dashboard. Reports contain daily analytics pointing to what’s important for your business.
Capture, analyze and process telematics data from your fleet in a single platform.
Track all your vehicles in real-time
Historical data for your assets
Vehicle utilization: vehicle productivity and costs
Fuel consumption, costs and trends
Vehicle and fleet expenses
Manage your points of interest
Keyless access
Detailed user trips analytics
Roles and permissions
Vehicle journey history
Vehicle sharing in a secure manner
Speed data for insights on drivers behaviour
Control & ManageMovium enables control capabilities of managers over their fleets, both from management and sharing perspective.1. Vehicles and driver documents stored on the platform2. Lock/unlock vehicles from the mobile app or the Movium dashboard3. Movium allows you to associate specific groups, organizations and drivers to a specific vehicle or vehicle fleet
ChooseYour cloud storage solution
ConnectAny tracking device
ReportsOn costs, consumption, location, usage, journey history and many more instantly from your computer, smartphone or tablet
Track & TraceTrack and trace all your vehicles in real-time via our cloud solution and Movium Drive mobile app. Our software stores your vehicle data considering highest security standards. We provide vehicle centric insights, so you’re always one step ahead in optimizing your business decisions.
Share & Access1. Grant access to your vehicles in a secure manner with the help of our Fleet Management solution or vehicle sharing platform2. Share your vehicles with employees or customers, by setting different roles and permissions3. User trips, get insights on vehicle trips utilizations like distance, mileage, idle time, speed or other incidents that you choose to track from the notification center4. Vehicle reservation system for users for in advance trip planning via Movium Drive mobile app5. Business reports with your team to showcase how your business is doing: trends, costs and business overview using both our already made reports or create your own custom reports based on your KPIs6. All users can use shared mobility services through Movium Drive, an easy to use mobile application that allows each user to create an account, add the necessary documents (ID or license and payment card), find the closest vehicle in the area on a map, unlock the vehicle directly from the app, drive, end the trip securely and rate the experience
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